Top 10 Incredible Lakes in Canada

The land of thousands of lakes. Most of them are located in the mountains: the azure alpine lakes from Canada have been the most recognizable in the world. Also the group of Great Lakes of North America is found here. Check out these amazing ten lakes and plan your vacation – the sites provide summer as well as winter activities.
  1. Lake Superior
The largest of the Great Lakes of North America group. Shared by Canada and America, the massive giant reaches 560 kilometers length! It features a long and nice coast, with sandy beaches, therefore it attracts thousands in summer.
Why to go there?
Unlike the alpine lakes, this one has a nice coastline, which can be enjoyed throughout the year.
  1. Lake Ontario
It is one of the five Great Lakes of North America and is comfortably posited next to Ontario – one of the biggest Canadian cities. So when the citizens get tired of the summer heat in the city in summer, they head here for provides various activities, including fishing, jet skiing and boating.
Why to go there?
A very nice place to escape the busy city. In winter, when it freezes, a lot of entertaining fishing competitions take place.

  1. Abraham Lake, Alberta
The artificial lake in a tranquil surroundings becomes a spectacular site during winter. The temperatures may fall below -30 degrees Celsius here, thus making this big lake freeze. The unique circles are frozen bubbles of flammable methane gas, coming from the depth – a result of bacterias decomposing organic material. This creates the unusual phenomena, which looks so incredible in winter.
Why to go there?
The lake and its surroundings are a beautiful place to visit and have a hike in nature.

  1. Waterton Lake, Alberta
The gorgeous mountain lake has borders with southern Alberta and Montana, USA. Waterton Lakes National Park is named after this one – the most picturesque and striking natural wonder around. Waterton’s surroundings are preserved by UNESCO, since it features a diverse variety of flora, including prairie grasslands, aspen parkland, subalpine forests, alpine tundra and freshwater fens.
Why to go there?
Visitors are offered an exciting cruise in a historic ship, which follows the shores of Waterton and allows to admire its stunning unspoiled nature. There is Waterton town on the lake’s shores, therefore visitors can find all the facilities, which make their trip comfortable.

  1. Lake Louise, Banff National Park
Another gorgeous azure lake, surrounded with the mountains and snowy peaks. Sparkling alpine lake is 2.5 kilometers long and 90 meters deep. So it is fun to go kayaking or paddling in summer. Meanwhile in winter it is turned into one of the most spectacular skating rinks in the country! Also there is exciting Fairmont Chateau hotel – no greater place to stay at!
Why to go there?
It is really fun to arrange a trip in winter and hit the skating rink. Banff is a popular destination, so visitors are provided with easy access and facilities.

  1. Berg Lake, Mount Robson Provincial Park
Found in British Columbia, the park in the Canadian Rockies is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Unsurprisingly so – the park is famous for its unspoiled natural beauty: glaciers, lakes, canyons, waterfalls and endangered species offer an unforgettable trip. The gorgeous turquoise lake has an easy access via trail and has many icebergs, that are visible even in summer!
Why to go there?
There is a restored Hargreaves Shelter by the lake, which provides visitors with facilities and a nice place to relax.
  1. Azure Lake, British Columbia
Found in the Ogilvie Mountains, that are part of the Yukon Ranges, the remote lake was named Azure due to its vivid blue color. It is not a typical lake, but rather an outflow of the Azure River. The natural wonder is embedded between high mountains, that create wonderful panoramic views.
Why to go there?
The lake is found in Wells Gray Provincial Park, which is a popular tourist attraction, providing great panoramic views, hiking trails and other outdoor activities. Meanwhile Azure Lake can be a challenging as well as appealing destination for those, who set a goal to see the most exquisite lake.

  1. Peyto Lake, the Rocky Mountains
Found in Banff National Park at 1860 m (6100 ft) height the turquoise lake is fed by a glacier. Situated in the Waputik Range valley, the lake is surrounded with three high peaks and features breathtaking panoramic views. The radiant color is prevalent in summer, when melting glacial brings rock flour into the lake.
Why to go there?
The park itself is a popular and the most visited spot in Alberta all year round. Hiking, climbing and camping are things to do in summer, while skiing is the most beloved activity in winter.
  1. Moraine Lake, Banff National Park
The world famous and most recognizable lake is found in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, at an elevation of approximately 1,885 m (6,183 feet). Moraine Lake is famous for its blue color and the amazing surroundings: high mountains with snowy peaks create the desired tranquility. Many hiking tracks are trod by visitors from all around the world.
Why to go there?
Since this is one of the most popular natural attractions in Canada, a lot of tourism agencies organize hiking groups and provide visitors with the equipment.
  1. Garibaldi Lake, British Columbia
Found only two hours away by car from Vancouver, the lake therefore is a very popular attraction. It provides all year round activities: canoeing and swimming in summer, while in winter visitors also can go hiking and enjoy other outdoor activities. Surrounded with tall peaks like Black Tusk, that provide a wonderful viewpoint.
Why to go there?
The dark blue lake is said to be one of the most beautiful in Canada. Also posited quite comfortably near to Vancouver, the site attracts tourists all year round.


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